Saturday, December 14, 2013

Breathe (Hot Guy: Jax)

Author: Abbi Glines

     Abbi Glines is one of my favorite authors, her realistic characters make me want to move down south and listen their hot, southern drawl. All those stories about Southern boys are unforgettable, heart-warming stories that I wish were real. I have read the majority of her books, so it will take me a while to actually review them all. I'm going to start with my favorite Abbi Glines series: Sea Breeze. These books take place in a little beach town in Alabama and Breath  is the first book. It sets the setting, introduced the characters, and it MUST be read so the other books can be enjoyable. Breath does NOT include mature content and can be read at any age. 
"If you still want me, I'm yours." 

Sadie White begins working at a mansion because her pregnant mother is unable to provide for them. Sadie doesn't know that she is working in Jax's residence. Jax is the "it" boy, a rockstar, a heartthrob, and Sadie is unaware of this because instead of leading a normal teenage life, she takes care of her mother. 

"I have become so selfish. All I care about is that you're here."

Jax loves going home to Sea Breeze, Alabama because that is his retreat from the public life he leads. When he arrives to his residence, he pleasantly surprised to find Sadie working for him. He is completely enthralled by her and she, of course, can't resist his charm.

"I just want you to know there isn't a minute that goes by that I don't miss you and think about and wish I were holding you."        

This book has a very well known format: poor girl meets rockstar, they fall in love, something keeps them apart, they get back together because love is invincible. However, this conventional format is spiced up by Abbi Glines. Sadie and Jax's love story is very realistic and pure. Every time I read the book I wish I could be Sadie. I wish I was the one Jax serenaded. I wish I was the one in the movie theater with Jax. I wish I was the one with Jax at the grocery market. All those wishes will never come true because Jax has Sadie and he will never let go of her.  He is willing to do everything to keep her, and what a lucky girl she is. He needs her to BREATH (see what I did there!). 
"Nothing about you is boring. Just watching you think is entertaining." 

Sadie is a very strong protagonist. She has gone through so many things as a seventeen year old but, nevertheless, you see her desire to be strong and persevere through life. I feel like every girl can relate to Sadie's personality and her naivety. 

"You tempt me, Sadie White. You're sweet, honest, caring, perfectly unique, and because of all those reason, I am keeping my distance from you."  

 Jax is a sweetheart. He is truly an admirable guy. He kisses Sadie, but doesn't do anything besides kissing. He protects her and is always after her best interest. He is also a very relatable character, even though he's a rockstar. He is romantic heartthrob, or as some of us call him: the man of our dreams! 


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