Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Misbehaving (Hot Guy: Jason)

Author: Abbi Glines

I FINISHED! Let me tell you, this book is amazing and completely different from the rest of the books in the series. You should not have expectations when reading this book, well you should expect an extremely H-O-T guy but nothing else. 

"The badass smart mouth who thumbed her nose at rules and skirted the law whenever she could had a kind heart"

Jess is a badass protagonist. She is a stripper's daughter and has to deal with shit are her life. He longtime boyfriend impregnated another woman but still wants to be with her. He longtime friend also wants to hook up with her. She's a flirt, and a major one. She has the assets to make the boys go locos and they ALL want her. When Jason enters the picture she doesn't know what to do with him because nobody has ever treated her like Jason does. She protects herself from Jason but ends up falling. There were a few instances when I was reading I got frustrated with Jess because she closed herself and Jason couldn't talk her out of her insecurities. I want female leads to be stronger, BUT I get that her background  needed to affect her relationship with Jason. 

"I was wanting a fairy tale. I wasn't getting a fairy tale. I was the stripper's daughter. Nothing more" 

Jason, Jason, Jason. JASON STONE! I have never been so pleasantly surprised as I was with Jason. I thought I had him "figured out" in the last books, but oh boy was I wrong! First of all let me start by saying who needs a rockstar when you can have his brother? Personally, I feel like they are more real and relatable (in books, of course). Jason has been living in the shadow of his brother all his life and hates it. Trying to take a break from all that stress he visits a little lovely town in Alabama called Sea Breeze. He hooks up with Sea Breeze's bad girl and he loves it. He has never experienced anything like Jess and is completely enticed by her. However, he does not do relationships and that is a problem, a BIG one. 

"He ruined me for everyone else."

I really loved the fact that Abbi Glines included the other Sea Breeze characters because I missed them! Overall, I enjoyed this steamy romance. The attraction was raw and the characters were a surprise that everyone can to enjoy. Jason and Jess are both strong but have their faults and the fun part is that we, as the audience, get to experience their relationship with them! Third wheels for life! 

Abbi announced the she would be publishing a book for Krit! I am so glad because he stole my heart! He's a man-whore-sweetheart. He really did care for Jess, but Jess was not the girl he belonged to. I can't wait! Go to Amazon and review the book so that Abbi can give us a sneak peak of Krit's book. 

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