Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Barker Triplets: Offside, Collide, and Conceal (Hot Guys: Logan,Shane, & Beau)

Author: Juliana Stone

So I decided to write a review for all three books because I read them all at the same time. My general impression of the books were that they were a fun read, the guys are hot, BUT each story was kind of the same. (Sorry Juliana Stone!) 

"And then Logan kissed her again, making all rational thoughts fly away, and the two of them proceeded to give Weird an entirely new X-rated show to watch."

I love the plot of this story: Billie's hockey career ended too early and returns home, however; she when she tries to join the men's league in her hometown she almost causes a CHAOS! This book touches the theme of sexism and I think more than one person can agree with me that sexism is not mentioned in many romance novels. Logan, sigh, LOGAN! I can't even begin to describe how much I love him. He is a man's man BUT every since Billie returned he can't seem to stop thinking about her. Many people will enjoy Billie because she is a strong, independent women (AMEN!). She is amazing; even though many people don't believe in her, she doesn't give up in her quest of playing in the men's league. Overall, this story is HOT, HOT, HOT and I totally recommend it. The sexual tension between Logan and Billie is just so tangible and when they finally do get together--it's explosive! 

"Don't you get it, babe? I love you. I love everything about you. Even the annoying shit. I don't care about anything that happened before this moment. None of it matters. All that stuff, the good and the bad made us who we are today but not of it matters. Not really. It's just filler, the stuff that filled in the spaces." 

I'm going to be blunt, very blunt. This was not my favorite story, actually it's one of my least favorite ones. While it was a unique plot, I personally felt like it was boring. I didn't like Bobbi-Jo, she was not an interesting character. Her past was important, but to me it just seemed like excuses, and bad excuses for not being able to go after Shane. She was portrayed as a bad girl when she was younger and people thought of her as "trouble" but her story was just not interesting. You feel bad for the girl, but nothing more. I didn't like her. SHANE! I love bad boys, but Shane was a reformed bad boy, or at least trying hard to be one. He is a art-loving, motorcycle dude. You cannot not love him, BUT his story was also very vain and I didn't feel like his problems were real. I don't mean to bash the story, so please tell me if I'm wrong! Anyways, you should read this book if you want to read the last one! 

"He was like some golden god. Had she ever met a man who was the perfect mix of hot alpha male and pretty?"

Everyone hates Betty-Jo and she hates everyone. I have to admit that I hated her, like really hated her. I didn't understand her animosity in the previous two books. We eventually do discover why she carries so much hatred with her, but I still didn't like her as much. I felt bad for her, but I felt like she was stupid for acting the way she did. Beau is also an interesting character. I loved they way they portrayed him with a rugged look even though he is a Hollywood actor. He is a amiable guy, but I didn't find anything extremely appealing. 

Offside was my favorite book out of the series and it is FREE on Barnes&Nobles, ibooks, and Amazon, so get it! 


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