Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful Player (Hot Guy: Will)

Author: Christina Lauren

I've never had so much fun reading a book as I did with Beautiful Stranger! I laughed, a lot, I cursed, a lot, and I squirmed, a lot. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster, an enjoyable one. When series have three books, or more, I always end up hating the last book because, for me, the first books is always the best. NOT THE CASE AT ALL! Beautiful Stranger easily became my favorite book!

"When you’re younger you want the boy who knows how to play the game but when you’re older you want the man who knows when it’s not a game anymore." 

Hanna, aka Ziggy, loves her work a little too much. She loves spending all her time in the lab and has no social life outside her work, according to her family. This is implied but not really seen in the plot. What I'm trying to say is that, yeah, she's a work-a-holic but Christina Lauren doesn't revolve the story around this fact, which made me extremely happy. I'm going to call her Ziggy because I thing that name is hilarious. I loved Ziggy. I loved that she has no filter and says exactly what she's thinking and exactly what she wants to do. This made her seem like a realistic person, a person who doesn't try to hid behind a persona or something they're really not. If she wanted to touch him, she told him exactly that. BRAVO, Ziggy. Inexperienced (naive) girls annoy me, most of the time. However, Ziggy's inexperience just made the book completely hilarious, but at the same time HOT! I've never encountered a character like Ziggy but I'm glad I finally did. 

"That look, that tenderness in her eyes, made me realize for the first time what was happening to me: I was falling in love."

Will, the player. A player with scheduled booty-calls. He needs his sex, like he needs water. However, the difference when he's with Ziggy is obvious; he's automatically attracted to her (both of her *wink* *wink*). Ziggy is his college best friend's younger sister. He doesn't want to hook up with her, even though he finds her attractive and refreshing, but he wants to teach her everything she wants to be taught. The things she wants to be taught are kind of hard for him to say no. He's also very smart. Okay, being smart just makes him climb the ranks of my book boyfriend list. Seriously, hot guys who are smart are very rare finding. 

"I was so lost in love with this girl."

Ziggy and Will make an absolute perfect couple. They both are weird in their unique way and they both want, no, need each other. They can't keep their hands off each other, but c'mon no one wants them to. Their relationship was a bit complicated, actually, VERY complicated but they eventually uncomplicated this, which is always a good thing. 

"She’s funny, and beautiful. She’s sexy and she’s fucking brilliant. I mean, she is completely it for me.

Overall, I truly loved reading all three books in the series. I know there are more books that can be read based on Bennett, Matt, and Will, and trust me when I say I will read them! All three guys were complex, raw, and completely attractive. BEAUTIFUL BOOK MEN *sigh* if only they actually existed.....


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