Friday, January 10, 2014

Beautiful Stranger (Hot Guy: Matt Stella)

Author: Christina Lauren 

Wow, I loved reading the Beautiful series! Every book has a different story line and completely different characters and, of course, this was no exception. I love the pace of Beautiful Stranger. Matt and Sara instantly meet, well they meet, but not really. They obviously have chemistry and I love how easy it is to tell. I felt like it was a short book because it is only seventeen chapters and that made me seriously sad because I wanted to know MORE! Christina Lauren, again, I must commend you for your characters. Wow, I LOVE them! 

"I looked around me as if it were possible to collect together the heart I’d nearly spilled all over the grass."

Matt, please don't ever change they way you are. You are the most caring, most british, most bossy guy I've ever read about, and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. I loved reading his point-of-view because he was BRITISH! They things he said and the way he said them were very british, which I loved. That only made me belief his character even more. He was also an absolute sweetheart but so demanding. He wants everything she wants, and he knows she's trouble because he is willing to do everything for her.  

"Why the fuck did I suddenly want to tuck her hair behind her ear? This plan had officially gone to shite." 

Sara, you are one unique woman and you "publicly" show it. HAHA! She liked the thrill of publicity and I thought it was funny. I didn't expect her to have such a fetish for public s-e-x since she was portrayed as a very disciplined, hard-working woman. I liked that she discovered her true self with Matt, even though I felt like she was kind of using him as a rebound. I mean the man was an absolute god in bed compared to her ex-boyfriend that couldn't keep anything it in his pants. 

"Other than the kissing in the car, he’d barely touched me all night. Was that intentional? Was he trying to drive me crazy? Because seriously, mission accomplished."

Matt realizes he falls for Sara way before Sara realizes it. When I first read it I didn't quite like how things turned out. I kind of hated Sara for being so blind. However, the more I thought I about it, the more I loved Matt and the more I accepted Sara. Matt told Sara that she had the power to break him. HOW ROMANTIC? Because of this, I can't hate Sara. If Sara would have realized she loved him sooner, then I wouldn't have loved Matt as much as I do now for admitting his feelings to her. 

“The way you seem nervous makes me think you don’t know that I’m in love with you.”

Christina Lauren, I kind of hate that you made such a perfect man because all my expectations just went up. I truly believe that the only way I'll end up getting married is with a man that is the perfect combination of all my book boyfriends, which Matt is being added to! 


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