Monday, January 13, 2014

Lawful Escort (Hot Guy: Daniel)

Author: Tina Folsom 
Lawful Escort was an interesting read. I really thought I was going to like it because the storyline was different, but I didn't. I DON'T hate it, but I think the book got unnecessarily complicated towards the end. 

"There was no demand in his kiss, no intent for it to lead to anything else. It was a means and an end in itself. A kiss. A kiss full of tenderness and appreciation, of adoration and respect. A timeless caress."

Daniel and Sabrina meet under false pretenses. Sabrina pretends to be an escort for one night while trying to lose all inhibitions for that night. When Daniel sees Sabrina he instantly wants her. I liked how both of the characters were out of their comfort zones. Daniel had never hired an escort and Sabrina had never been escort. This added some reality to the story because they both didn't know what they were doing and both expected the other party to know what to do. This was the entertaining part of the book. 

"Damn it, Daniel, you haven't kissed me all day, and you're moping around like somebody stole your lollipop."

Daniel is a perfect gentleman! He doesn't judge that she's an escort, he just wants her! I thought this was so romantic. 

"Never had she felt a kiss this possessive. A branding iron couldn't have said it any clearer that she was his, that he was making sure she would never want to kiss another man, never wanted to be touched by anybody else."

The book was filled with coincidences that I didn't like. I king of expected everything that was going to happen, which sucks because I love surprises. 

"With Sabrina, all he wanted to do was show the world that she was his. He wanted everybody to see that he was the one holding her hand, that he was the only one allowed to kiss her."

I'm going to mention what I didn't like and some people might disagree with me. I did NOT like the secondary characters, Daniel and Sabrina's best friends. I did not like how they were put into the book, and frankly thought they were unneeded. The storyline could have been better without them. 

"Per sempre," he whispered and pressed his lips on hers, the invaded her moth with his tongue, and plundered her as if she were Ali Baba's cave of treasures."

As mentioned before, the storyline gets complicated and, yes, the best friends have something to do with it! On the bright side, it has a good ending. 

Don't let my opinion stop you from getting it! It is FREE on amazon, so you might as well get it! 


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