Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lick (Hot Guy: David)

LICK has become one of my favorite novels! This is a book that the more I read, the more I love it. I am going to be honest and admit that I judged a book by its cover and it was a HUGE mistake. 

“You asked me this morning in the car if I thought you were scary. 
The answer is yes. You scare me shitless. I don’t know what I’m doing here. 
But I hate the thought of leaving you.” 

David is not your typical rocker name. When I think of a David I think of a guy with pastel pants and a polo shirt talking to his politician father while playing golf and responding to his mom by saying, "Yes, Mother." I didn't imagine a hot, sexy, rocker with tattoos that makes girls' panties drop just by the sight of him. After reading Lick, every David is a disappointment, I'm not even joking (or am I?). So as you can see, I also judged the characters based on their name. I'm a horrible person, I know, I judged too quickly!   

“I married you, Evelyn, because you made sense to me. 
We make sense. We're a whole lot better together than apart.” 

Evelyn was also another gigantic surprise. When she wakes up very hungover in the beginning of the book I thought here goes another annoying female. WRONG! I was very wrong. She was a fresh breath of air for me. Her character was so relatable, every situation in the book was relatable. I felt what she was gong through; all her worries, all her happiness, all her anger, I felt. While reading it I wished I was living her life, once, or twice. 

“It's you and me against the world.”

UGH, DAVID! Why are you so perfectly imperfect? Everything David said made me want to cry in frustration because there's no possible way that I'll ever meet a guy like that. Kylie Scott, thanks for that. Not only was her portrayed as a hot rocker, he was also passionate, sweet, and one of the most attentive guys I've ever read about. When I say he was passionate, I really mean PASSIONATE. Everything he did, including her (wink), was with passion. His love for Evelyn just burned through the pages. His flaws just made him 100% more attractive to me. 

“Bad boys were highly overrated.” 

Problems! There are no problems with this book, except for the fact that David doesn't exist and MAL, I can't forget about him. Mal is David's band member and friend. I need a book with Mal. He's a self-proclaimed bachelor for life and I know his story won't end there because he's awesome and KYLIE SCOTT wouldn't do that to us. Mal's antics made this book even better and can't wait for his story. 

“Seriously, I fucking love your wife, man. She's awesome. Can I have her?”

In most books when we reach the downfall (for me it's when they have a fight and they separate for some reason) I get mad at the guys. Usually, I blame the guys for their stupidity and ignorance. In Lick, I felt like the "downfall" was both of their faults. That little separation period came at the right time and it engrossed me even MORE in the book. Seriously, Kylie Scott, YOU ROCK! This book is a well paced novel that sucks you in from page one. I praise Kylie Scott for being able to create an original, interesting story for overused storyline. It is like no other book you've read before, so READ IT! More STAGE DIVE books PLEASE! 

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