Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Loving Cara (Hot Guy: Josh)

I usually love Kristen Proby's books and as much as I wanted to love this book, I couldn't. I'm sorry!! 

"I think it's pretty obvious that you're my type, whatever that hell that means." 

Josh and Cara went to high school together and had a good, friendly relationship. They parted ways after high school and never really talked much after that. Cara needs to tutor Josh's nephew at his ranch and their relationship rekindles. Josh likes what he sees in Cara and Cara has always had a crush on Josh, AND he's a cowboy with Levi's, not Wranglers, how hotter do they get? Although they were reunited after years of not really talking to each other, it doesn't feel that way. They instantly like each other, and BAM! It annoyed me how quickly they fell for each other. So, the storyline was not very believable. A tree falls on her house and she almost dies so she has to go and live with Josh. OKAY, I have a problem with the whole ordeal. A tree falls and splits her house in two, REALLY? Personally, I would have stayed with Ty, he's her almost brother. 

"I could have lost her, and I just found her."

Cara is insecure about herself. She is constantly doubting her looks, Josh's intentions, and her relationship. I can handle insecure characters but not needy characters, and that is how I saw her. 

"You. Destroy. Me." He swallows hard and cups my fave gently in his hands. "I love you and respect you so much."

Josh is your typical alpha cowboy. His job and family are his priorities, but when Cara reenters his life he knows she's it. Very romantic, really. He was an absolute gentleman and his love for her was genuine, however, his temper is not acceptable. The way he talked to her in the end was rude and I wouldn't have forgiven him so easily if I was Cara. I would have made him grovel for days and tell him that I needed space to think. BUT overall, he was a really nice, sexy guy :)   

"She's is everything soft and gentle and good. She's everything." 

Seth, Josh's nephew, is adorable. He is a complete sweetheart! He is so protective of Cara since Cara is able to give him the love that his mother neglected him of. Cara's attention of Seth really made me like her. She loves the kid and the kid loves her. 

"I couldn't find you. You own me, Carolina. Body and soul. I promise this will never happen again."

Zack, Ty, Jill, and Lauren! I'm looking forward to reading their books, they left me wanting more! Kristen, I congratulate you on your new series and just know that I want to read MORE! I'm giving this book 3 hearts because overall the story was cute and I'm a sucker for cute, romantic novels. 

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