Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Motorcycle Man (Hot Guy: Tack)

I love Motorcycle Man soooo much! My friend was mad because I didn't read the previous books in the Dream Man series, but I didn't need to! I pretty much understood everything that was being said, and with a few clues I caught on to the stories of the recurring characters. First of all I want to congratulate Kristen Ashley. I'm mad that I didn't discover her sooner because SHE ROCKS! Her writing, her story, her characters, EVERYTHING was perfect! I don't even know how I discovered this book, but I'm glad I did. 

"I'd rather cut off my own arm than ever hurt you."

TACK and TYRA (RED, TY-TY, CHERRY) are the definition of the phrase "opposites attract." They both carry out different lives, have different personalities, different pretty much everything. I really didn't know how Kristen Ashley was going to be able to make their relationship work, she did, and it was AWESOME! 

"This isn't my know-it-all grin, Red. This is my I'm-gonna-get-me-some-later grin."

Tack is the leader of the motorcycle club CHAOS, their motto is Wind, Fire, Ride, Free. He's a badass and loves the life he lives. His brotherhood means everything to him and he doesn't allow anything, or anyone, come in between them. He was an Alpha and the way he talked to her was very appealing, his demands, his mood swings were all very sexy! I didn't even mind that he had a goatee. 

"You are my absolution."

One night is all it takes for Tyra to know that Tack is her dream man. One passionate night. One night where she thought she could just step out of her comfort zone and just be her, except that night got a bit complicated. Tack is a dick in the beginning because he's very blunt, but this doesn't scare Tyra at all. She's fiery woman and can easily handle it! 

"Another layer, I lay my shit out, all of it, it's ugly and se ends that by bein' cute."

Their relationship is unconventional because they really, REALLY think they hate each other. They don't. It is hard for them to accept what they found in each other, which ends up being romantic. 

"I gotta go. Tip your face back further for me, baby, I wanna give you a kiss before I do."

So many things I love about this book. First thing is Tack. He's hot, he's sweet, he's cold and his mood swings gave me a whiplash, but he's passionate. Everything he does, he does 200%! I find that extremely sexy and appealing. Second thing I love is Tyra, she's a fighter and perfectly fits into CHAOS. Third thing I love about this book is all the sweet moments. I'm a sucker for romance, and did not expect romance from a motorcycle man but he delivered it in his own special way. 

"Baby, you can declare all you want. That don't mean I'll let you walk out of me."

The length! I usually don't like long books because they end up being very repetitive and boring, however, I wish this book never ended! I loved that it was so long! It kept me up all night trying to read it, but it was so worth it! I was not bored for a second. Every page, every word was perfectly placed and my attention never wavered from the story! Not a lot of authors can do that create such a captivating story!  

"Kids are a big part of the ride of life. Not to mention one of the best parts of that ride. With the right woman, I'd be all over doin' it again."

If you haven't read this, I truly recommend this book. It had the perfect amount of drama, secondary characters, problems, EVERYTHING about it was perfect. Motorcycle Man is a FIVE STAR book for me. I will definitely go back and read first couple of books in the Dream Man series. 

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