Monday, January 13, 2014

One Week Girlfriend (Hot Guy: Drew Callahan)

Author: Monica Murphy 

HOLY SHIT! I just finished reading One Week Girlfriend and WOW, what a book! I don't think I've ever been so frustrated reading a book! Seriously, I wanted to HIT something (or someone) when I finished reading it! MEN! They frustrate me so much sometimes. 

"She offers me a sweet smile and it hits me like a blow to the chest, stealing air from my lungs."

I've always wanted to read this book but never, NEVER, did I imagine that it would take me on such an emotional ride. I'm being 100% honest when I say I'm an emotional mess. The synopsis does not do justice to the actual story. 

"The guy could wear a paper bag around his privates and make it look designer." 

Drew and Fable are made for each other. Their troubles, their scars, compliment each other. I loved how they constantly tried to stay away from each other because they couldn't accept how they felt. Those moments of vulnerability truly made me love them even more. Every time one of them withdrew the other character would relentlessly try to make them feel better, and in more ways than one way (*wink*). 

"Drew Callahan has forever changed me, and the knowledge both invigorates and terrifies me."

Drew is a complexion itself, but what fun is it to read a book about a normal guy? He's kept all his emotions bottled up for so long that doesn't know what to do when Fable wants to help him. Although he's a football player, it is nothing like you imagine. He's not cocky, he's not a player, BUT he is H-O-T as hell, well, according to Fable. 

"...this girl...she doesn't feel pointless. She's real and she's beautiful and she fits perfectly when she's in my arms. She makes me want to feel."

Fable, the college campus slut, except she doesn't go to college, and she doesn't come off as your typical slut. Truthfully, she's not! She's lived a hard life and needs money, and when Drew offers it, she takes it. No one can blame her for that. She's a mouthy little thing and doesn't try to be someone she's not, which I love.  She, and only she, can get to Drew, can affect him like no one else has. Her love for her brother, Owen, just demonstrates her resilience. 

"Being with Fable frees me. I wish I had realized it sooner."

I'm going to talk about the secondary characters because they are important in the story, and because there's a book coming out on OWEN (YAY!). I love the little peaks we get of the innocent Owen. He's only thirteen and has probably seen more than a fair share of reality. I love him and can't wait for his book to come out! (MARCH!!) I dislike, I HATE Drew's stepmother. I HATE her with a passion, she disgusts me and I hated every time Drew talked to her. 

"I want to map every inch of her skin with my mouth. I want to sit with her in my arms and kiss her for hours, until out lips are swollen and our jaws are tired."

I loved, LOVED this book. Monica Murphy sure knows how to write an interesting story. I highlighted so many quotes because it was filled with so many things I wanted to remember!  One Week Girlfriend completely left me engrossed with Drew and Fable. Although they don't live any type of fairytale, their love itself is a fairytale. I want to know so much more about them and can't wait to read the next couple of book. Seriously, after you read this book you CANNOT not read the rest of the series! GO AND BUY IT, NOW! 


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