Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Torn (Hot Guy: Gage Emerson)

Author: Monica Murphy 

Like Crave, Torn was a fun, easy read and the guys are absolutely delightful! ( Wow, yup, I just used that word..) I actually I haven't read a story like this. Gage and Marina's relationship is built on hate, and let me tell you, more relationships should be built on hate because it is absolutely sizzling. Their chemistry was undeniable and explosive. 

“I’m not forcing you to do anything, Marina,” he says softly, his eyes glowing as they drink me in. “Unless . .  . you like it that way.”

Marina is a very focused women. She loves her little bake shop and loves her independence, however, that doesn't stop her mom from asking her, constantly, when she's going to get married. I loved how she was a bitch because Gage was an asshole and deserved all the attitude she gave him. 

"I sort of like being so open and vulnerable to his perusal. His touch. God, why though? Why should I leave myself so open and vulnerable? Being with him makes me feel free. It’s exhilarating in the most scary, forbidden way."

Nevertheless, I loved Gage because he was such a predictable player. He knew something was different of Marina but didn't realize what it was until the end. He was stubborn, and that is a characteristic I loved in characters because they don't give up; and that makes the plot so much more interesting. 

"I chance a glance at her, see the flushed cheeks, the parted lips. I recognize that look from last night. She’s aroused. Hell, yeah. So am I."

Marina and Gage both admitted they hated each other and that they were using each other. I didn't expect their relationship to start off like this, but I enjoyed it. There are not many books out their where a relationship is built on hate. 

"Fuck. I’m wrecked. All because of this woman."

THE BET! If you guys have read these books you know about the bet, and I think I mentioned it in my previous review of Crave! Ugh, know I know that Matt is the last man that is single and I can't wait to read his book and it comes out this MONTH! 


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