Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bare Essentials (Hot Guys: Tag and Jack)

I have never read books by Jill Shalvis or Leslie Kelly so I had no expectations when reading this book. And I need to congratulate whoever thought about putting two books like this together, GENIUS! Two different cousins, two different stories, two different guys. PERFECT!  I thought both books were equally competent and I really enjoyed being able to read one after the other. Both stories complimented each other, despite the fact that they were two different authors.   

Naughty but Nice

by Jill Shalvis 
It took me a few chapters for me to take real interest in the book. In other words, it had a slow beginning. I really don't like when this happens because it takes me a while to like the characters. 

I actually liked the fact that Tag and Cassie had an unknown past together. Tag was a charming man and not only did I like him, I ended up LOVING him. Cassie was another story. I felt like I didn't understand her coldness. One minute she was hating everyone and then she wasn't. I felt like her transformation was not really smooth and I had trouble liking her and relating to her. 

I loved the way Tag acted when he was around Cassie. He didn't force her into anything and he earned her trust; this made him 100 times sexier. I liked how they slowly started to develop their relationship, as much as Cassie wanted to fight it and Tag didn't. I felt like this part of the book was great because both characters were so different, but couldn't fight the attraction.

I LOVED the lake! The best scenes occurred there and I thought they were so romantic and absolutely steamy! 

Throughout the entire book Cassie quotes her mother but at the end she discovers that she was quoting her incorrectly. I really liked this part. The misconception Cassie carried tied all the loose ends in her story and it was kind of funny. 

The ending was a bit rushed, which annoyed me. How did Cassie feel after her stalker was captured? What happened afterwards? Did she get over her issues? Overall, I liked it. 

Naturally Naughty

by Leslie Kelly 
I really enjoyed Naturally Naughty! It was such a fun read, and yes I liked it more than Naughty but Nice. Kate and Jack (or J.J or John, whatever you want to call him) were explosive together. Although Kate seemed like the "sweeter" cousin in the first book, she was not. She was adventurous and daring, but at the same time very down-to-earth. It was absolutely fun to watch her fight the attraction she had for Jack. 

JACK! The golden boy! Gosh, I adore him. He was genuinely nice and witty, and did NOT back down when Kate tempted him. He could also not keep his hands off her and I though this was super adorable because it made his point of view adorable. 

The history between their parents was actually heartwarming. First loves, how ROMANTIC!? I liked how it played such a crucial role in their relationship because it was as if the story was being repeated. What their parents couldn't have, they could. 


I loved all the secondary characters because they were all enjoyable and you could tell so much by how Cassie and Kate interacted with them. I also enjoyed having alternating point-of-views! I love getting inside the men's head. Haha :) 

BARE ESSENTIALS! I loved this part of the book. The women's store the cousins open in Pleasantville, Ohio. I really thought that the revenge that both girls seek was justified but really enjoyed seeing them mature out of their need for revenge. Of course the MEN had something to do with that.


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