Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lost in Us (Hot Guy: James)

 Want to read an EXCERPT?

Favorite Quote: 

You make me feel things that I haven't felt with anyone else. Things I didn't even know I could feel. Your have no idea what your kisses have done to me, Serena. How they've healed me...I--I never felt as whole as when I make love to you."

OMG. I feel like I've just watched a movie. Unbelievable. Layla Hagen knows how to write a good novel. I have never read a book by her but I'm glad I did because I am officially a Hagen fan! 

Serena is hardworking girl, about to graduate Stanford she finds herself quickly captivated by James, the new Silicon Valley IT BOY. James doesn't do relationships but Serena is the exception to that rule.They are made for each other but it takes them a while to release how much they need each other. They both have demons that haunt them but their journey to overcome them is the best part. Their traumatic pasts make them perfect for each other because they can easily relate to each other but its so frustrating as the reader that they don't realize how perfect they are for each other much sooner. 

"You fell in love with me," he says. "I assure you rafting is far less dangerous."

Everything the characters did, I want to do. I love how many different situations they were in because I did not get bored one moment. 

This book is written entirely in Serena's point-of-view and I always have mixed feelings when this happens because I want to know what is going to with the other character. Nevertheless, the single point of view made it easier to understand Serena, which I felt was the more complicated character. Her thought process of everything was fascinating because she is so different from me. I always want to relate to a character, but in this case I was glad I was unable to relate to her. She has so many burdens that she unable to let go of. HOWEVER, I did get angry at Serena's character many times because she was was so close-minded. She trampled James' heart, many times and I hated this. I think she is one of the least likable characters I have read about.

"You belong in a dream-- a fantasy world. If you let me, Serena, I will build that world for you." 

The ending is an airport scene. If you're imagining a scene where the women is leaving and the man comes racing after her, then you know how cheesy this ending is. BUT I have never read an airport ending so it was fun to be able to imagine it while reading it. 

I give this book 3 1/2 hearts because James is a hottie who I would like to marry, Layla has a great writing style, and the hot scenes that James and Serena participated in are worth the read. In conclusion, this book was good but Serena dragged it down from the potential 4 stars. 

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