Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mystery Man (Hot Guy: Hawk)

While looking at Kristen Ashley's books Mystery Man did not seem very appealing and I ended up reading Motorcycle Man before this one. However, I wished I would have read them in order because all the characters are interconnected and reading about them in one book made me understand them even more. Nevertheless, I didn't, BUT I'm glad I finally read Mystery Man! 

"Fuck me, totally missed out." 

Kristen Ashley really knows how to write stories about Alpha males that don't take no for and answers. In real life I usually don't like guys like "alpha males" because they end up being assholes, but Kristen Ashley creates male characters to perfection, up to a point where you want to hate how demanding they are but just can't. HOWEVER, demanding men means sassy, independent women, which again, did not disappoint in this book. 

"...I darkened your door, baby, and you lit up my life again, so I'm not let tin' that go." 

Gwen and Hawk slept for each other for almost over a year but that was it, no name were interchanged, just sex. Gwen was emotionally invested in this arrangement but her mystery man seemed to have all the control in the relationship. Gwen's sister is troubled soul and gets Gwen mixed up in her affairs and Gwen's mystery man steps up to protect her. 

"You're in deep with me, aren't you, baby?" I whispered my question just to confirm. 
"Drowning," he whispered back.  

I hated how Gwen gave in to Hawk so easily! He sweeps into her life and starts demanding things of her and tries to control her life. She doesn't give in so easily but at the end she does. I mean, Hawk is hard to resist and he is a commando. Can a man get any hotter than that? AND he is called HAWK! I can seriously imagine myself calling my man Hawk, its just so, um, sexy? Anyways, Hawk said some of the most perfect things at the perfect times and I love a man (character) that can do that. 

"You just slipped down two levels on the hot-o-meter." 

Gwen's unique family situation made this book so appealing because she had overprotective family, but at the same time very laid-back. Gwen was a strong leading character, she didn't easily give up despite the odds being her against her, and although she couldn't see it, she controlled Hawk.

"Puerto Rican, Italian and Cuban-- the perfect ingredients for a hot, bossy, badass cocktail."

HAWK! The man has had a harsh life but is so damn sweet and you can't help but forgive him for everything he does. He can be a scary dude but his priorities are clear and would sell his soul to the devil to protect Gwen. 

"..My mission was to own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes before I died. Some women had career goals. Some women wanted to be good mothers. Some women wanted to do their bit to save the world. My life goal was owning really beautiful, really expensive shoes." 

I am seriously very jealous of Kristen Ashley's ability to write a damn good book, and A LONG one too! This book introduced you to the rest of the Dream Man characters and it such an exciting read and HILARIOUS, like seriously I couldn't stop laughing. You won't be able to put the book down with so many HOT men! 

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