Thursday, February 20, 2014

On the Rocks (Hot Guy: Hunter)

OMG! Sawyer Bennett does it again. She continues writing fun, loving, exciting romantic novels that leave me in awe of her. I absolutely love her for making every novel different and completely enjoyable from beginning to end. On the Rocks was released on February 17, 2014. This highly anticipated novel was everything I want in a book, and more. It has romance. It has male perfection. It has a selfless female heroine. It has hot, steamy scenes. It really was perfection! 

Gabby likes Hunter, her best friend's brother. She always had a crush on him and on her graduation night, after a few beers, she kisses him. The kiss is everything she dreamed about. However, Hunter does not react the way she expects him to and actually makes her regret the crush she had on him. Hunter and Gabby are childhood friends but don't act that way after "the kiss." After that things change, she hates him and he seems to hate her. Hunter goes away to surf and that is the end of their story, until he returns home. This plot was surreal! I'm always nervous reading books that have typical story lines (girl loves her best friend's brother) because so many things could go wrong, but this book was far from a mistake.  

Hunter is a surfer, a hot one (yes, I have a thing for surfers. I'm a California GIRL!!). The ladies love him (I LOVE HIM!). Although he is said to be a playboy, I didn't really get that feeling but it is implied. He is a very appealing character. He puts his family first, before his career and before himself. I absolutely loved this trait about him. Any man that cares for their family like Hunter does is a REAL MAN! He is so selfless and really appreciates what surrounds him. AND don't forget he's H-O-T which doesn't hurt his situation at all!  

Gabby is an independent, self-sufficient woman. She works in a man's world and has learned to be tough. She hates Hunter for breaking her eighteen-year-old heart and doesn't like that he's back in town for an indefinite amount of time. The heart he broke is cold and completely closed off but she knows that Hunter has always been the one, the one who can break her or can define of real happiness. She has real animosity towards him because of this fear, but as soon as she realizes that what she has with Hunter is completely real, she lets him in.  

They are forced to work together, things start to change. I love this. I love the sexual tension that is built up--up to a point so explosive that it left me fanning myself. Gabby and Hunter both believed that their relationship was going to be a sexual one, ONLY sexual. However, that is impossible since both are unable to forget their kiss years before. Their relationship quickly progresses, which is something I very much enjoyed. The reader could tell how much they meant to each other, but the characters obviously didn't, which is another thing I enjoy because it makes their "getting together" much sweeter, and much MUCH more romantic. I'm a sucker for romance, and this books was completely in my rink. 

BRODY WILL HAVE A NOVEL! I loved Brody, he's Hunter's twin brother, and it is obvious that he ends up with Alyssa, the heiress. Brody's stories was very vague but a huge part of novel and I quickly fell for him and his broodiness! 

Swayer Bennett seriously every book I read, I LOVE! Your characters, your plots, everything is a complete package. I'm so glad I was able to read this book because it is now one of my favorites, and not I am not joking, its in my "favorites" bookshelf. So if you're looking for a nice, romantic novel On the Rocks is the one! 

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