Thursday, March 6, 2014

Can't Shake You (Hot Guy: Josh)

I am so glad I read this book! It's been a while since a book has kept me up all night. Can't Shake You has everything I wish in a book AND MORE! It was a story about loss, friendship, trust, acceptance, and, above all, LOVE. I am amazed that this is Molly Mclain's debut novel. She can easily transfix the reader with such a simple, but deep storyline. Her ability to write a good story AND write it well left me in awe! 

Josh and Carissa have history together. The've slept with each other but nobody else knows since Carissa is Josh's best friend's ex-girlfriend. Got it? Yeah, it's a bit complicated but Molly does a terrific job of uncomplicating things. Anyways, they hate each other. They hate what they've done and they hate the circumstances surrounding their weird relationship. Carissa decides to change her awkward relationship but that doesn't turn out well, actually it does, it turns out very well ;). 

Josh is such a loyal character. He didn't allow himself anywhere near Carissa because of his best friend, however, he has so many what-if questions of the short fling they had. Is he loyal to a fault? Maybe. I liked how complicated their relationship was and didn't really see any fault in his personality. He's a construction worker. DO I NEED TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE? He lifts, drills, nails things all day. How does his body take all this hard work? Well, according to Carissa even his calfs are HOT! 

Carissa. She grew on me. In the beginning, I did not like her. She was easily talked into doing stuff, going places, she was weak, in my opinion  However, she takes the reigns of her life and become the strong independent woman every woman should be. I loved her by the end of the novel. 

I loved all the secondary characters! Tony has a book coming out, and hopefully so do the other characters. River Bend is series that has been added to my TBR. 

This books was written in dual points-of-view and I thought this was necessary because both characters are so complex that it was easy to understand their motivation for certain  things they said or certain actions. As mentioned before, Can't Shake you is a well written debut novel and everybody should read it!!!! It had drama, love, heartbreak, and HOT MEN! :) 

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