Friday, April 18, 2014

Lost in Me (Review+Giveaway)

Get ready for NYT Bestselling Author Lexi Ryan’s new series Here and Now! The first novel in the series, LOST IN ME, is a sexy New Adult contemporary romance released April 7th!

WOW. I have never read a book quite like this one. I was a bit hesitant reading about a girl with amnesia because most of the plots tend to be predictable. Lost in Me is not like every other book in any way, it blew me away! 

Hanna wakes up one day with retrograde amnesia. She doesn't know what happened for the last few months in her life. What she does know is what other people tell her and people are telling her that she engaged to Max, the man she has fantasized of for years. She also wakes up thin, very thin! Her life seems to be perfect-- she's with Max and has a great body. However, she's frustrated with the fact that she can't remember what happened the night she hit her head and lead her to lose her memory. She also can't remember Nate, sexy Nate. 

Hanna was a complex character and I'm still undecided if I like her or not because she wants Nate but is engaged Max. TWO SEXY MEN!!! She battles with her weight, which is a topic I don't often read about, but I liked how it was talked in this novel. 

I was completely intrigued from page one. I wanted to know the truth behind everything which kept me turning the pages until the very end. Lexi Ryan definitely knows how to write a good novel! FYI I'm TEAM NATE (All the way, baby!) The only thing that really did frustrate me was the cliffhanger!!!! UGH, I need to read the next book! 


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