Saturday, April 12, 2014

Play (Review)

Kylie Scott's Stage Dive novels are worth every penny you pay for them! I seriously can say that this series is the most enjoyable series I've ever read!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED PLAY!!!! I've been waiting for the next Stage Dive novel forever and this book totally did NOT disappoint. 

I read Lick last year and really liked all the characters but NOTHING compares to my love for MAL! Mal is a caricature. He's a funny dude that doesn't take anything too seriously. He loves to make an ass of himself and really doesn't give a shit of what other people think. He's also a rockstar drummer that has the ability to bed anyone and girls are more than willing to take up an offer to be with him. However, Mal is a complex character, he runs deeper than he allows other people to see. Complicated guys are the best guys because you know that the end result will be worth it. 

Anne feels like she has the worst luck. Everything is going wrong with her life! Mal changes that. Anne is a dormant person until Mal enters her life. She a nice, reliable person who works at a book store living from paycheck to paycheck. Anne's life is altered with Mal. In the beginning, Mal and her plan on having a very platonic relationship. That, of course, changes.  

Anne and Mal complement each other. They are seriously perfect for each other. They are able to bring the best out of each other. Mal's struggles with life and Anne makes him forget the pain. Also, I loved Anne's transformation! She's a completely different character after Mal enters the picture. 

I could not stop laughing while this book. There were so many funny/cute scenes! I highlighted a lot of things while reading this book. 

We see the recurring characters in this novel. David and Eve make appearances, and so do Jimmy and Ben, the other band members. The next novel in the Stage Dive Series is Jimmy's, although I wished it was Ben's. I really want to read Ben's story after this book! 

I am OBSESSED with this book! I have reread this book so many times since first reading it! Be sure to clear your schedule before starting to read PLAY! I could not have asked for a better story for Mal! Kylie Scott, THANK YOU for this novel! 

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