Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweet Seduction (Hot Guy: Hawk)

Historic Romance is one of my favorite genres of books and I am beyond ecstatic to say that I truly enjoyed this book! Reading a historical romance book is fun because a different time period means a different culture, different sayings, different mannerism, which Sweet Seduction perfectly demonstrated. A fear when I pick a historic novel up is that the author will not accurately portray the time period. However, Nicole Jordan was able to pleasantly capture the time period, but at the same time create relatable characters. 

Hawk is a man who has suffered through the loss of his wife and children and he blames himself for their death, and punished himself being lonely and a grouch. When Skye arrived to his castle, she has one endeavor in mind: to seduce him. She believes that Hawk is her true love. Her cousin Kate insisted that their relationship is like that of Beauty and Beast, this is another part that I loved about the book. I love the parallelism between Beauty and the Beast because Hawk's scars are cured with Skye's love. 

Skye is such a whimsical character. She is stubborn and fights Hawk's demons until she ultimately wins, however, the fight is long, but fun. There were many parts of the novel where Hawk would tease Skye or vice versa, which made this an enjoyable read because although the plot was serious the banters were fun and it released some of the seriousness of the situation. I really can see Skye living in the 21st Century. She was brave, forward, strong headed, and a romantic. I think she was one of the main reasons why this novel was such an interesting read. She is too creative for her own good, but that was not a problem at all in this novel!  The plot itself was so romantic and I'm glad it was finished with a happy ending because I wanted everyone to end up happy! I can't wait to read more about Kate and Quinn. 

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