Friday, May 16, 2014

Call Me Saffron Cover Reveal (Excerpt+Giveaway)

Releasing on June 9, 2014  
Flaunt it. Be your sexiest self. He has no idea who you are in real life. You will never see him again. 

I let the coat slip out of my fingers and pool onto the floor in an elegantly careless heap. 

Dylan stared at me, openly appreciative. 

So pure, this transaction. So simple. So insane.  

“Like what you see?” I made my voice sultry, like Mae West or what I imagined Jeanine to be like with a client. A mistake, because I immediately giggled at the absurdity. 

Dylan raised his eyebrows. “Is this a joke to you?”

I walked over to him, a trifle unsteady on my stiletto boots, and pressed my hand against those damp curls on his chest. “No joke, Dylan Krause. Hardly a joke.” I could feel his heart thump under my palm, nearly as fast as my own. “So? Do you want me to stay? Or do I refund your money?” 

He was startled into a laugh. “Blunt. I like that.”

“Good, because that’s what you get.”  

“You’re not what I expected.” His gaze traveled over my body. I felt it like a caress. 

I took another step, so close now, and ran my hand through his damp hair, enjoying the way it sprang against my fingers, a live thing. Enjoying the fact that I could do this. “What do you want to do first?”

“Who are you, Saffron?” He was looking at me with a strangely intent gaze. 

And here Jeanine had assured me he wouldn’t want to talk. 

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