Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Breathe Blog Tour

Just Breathe is not a novel I would typically enjoy; ex-boyfriends and drugs tend add unnecessary drama to books. With this being said, I began reading thinking I wasn't going to enjoy the book. Well, I was wrong. I read this book in one sitting. I did not stop reading until I read the last page. So yeah, I was completely wrong. I enjoyed this book. 

Elle is a librarian and she loves her job. The passion she has for sharing her love for books is cute. She gets giddy any time she can share her insight on a book. She has synesthesia which impedes from doing certain things that would be considered normal to other 21 years-old. Furthermore, her old boyfriend unexpectedly leaves her and she is left with a broken heart and a need to hid her wounds with weed. She doesn't start with a strong personality because she's vulnerable and hides herself from the people who she most trusts and loved. Until Dominic enters the picture. 

Dominic goes out of his way to make Elle feel comfortable. He organizes special dates, which is so sweet. I have never read about a man like him. He just completely creates an environment in which Elle feels comfortable and normal. I also love the way he notices everything about Elle. However, I was a but skeptical about him because he did spend too much time at work, but you'll have to read to find out about it. 

Elle becomes such a strong person by the end of the novel. She is able to recognize the bad entities in her life. However, it takes her a while to get there and it might frustrate people, it sure did frustrate me. 

I enjoyed reading this book! Just Breathe is a journey Elle takes us on, a journey of self-discovery and about opening our hearts to love. 

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