Friday, May 2, 2014

Let's Misbehave Blog Tour

An Adult Contemporary Romance
Released April 14, 2014
Published by Phoenix Rising Enterprises, Inc. 
I was very HAPPY with this novel! Kate Perry obviously knows how to write a complete novel with great characters and interesting plots. 

Imogen  needs to behave. A racy video was released of her and hr previous boyfriend. She's wants to have a serious part in an upcoming movie (she's an actress) but unable to get one with the scandal surrounding her name. She tries to clean up her act but there's one thing she can't resist--Merrick. 

Merrick is a reformed badboy. He used to be a rockstar and now he's a politician. He wants to pass some legislation but its hard having rumors surrounding this badboys. He's absolutely perfect! Can this man be real?! 

Imogen and Merrick meet and are unable to resist each other. This relationship started with very clear intentions but, of course, that changed. Their chemistry burns up the pages, you can tell their attraction was very deep. 

I loved that Imogen was a strong independent women! I love seeing how more and more authors are starting to write strong heroines.

I was actually a bit confused with this novel. I have not read the previous Summerhill novel so trying to decipher certain things was difficult. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and hopefully, I'll be able to read the previous two books to better understand this book. 
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