Saturday, May 3, 2014

Night After Night Blog Tour

"You are being rewarded for turning me on. But we're doing it my way. You teased the hell out of me, and now I want to watch you squirm. Crawl up on my bed and get on your hands and knees."

Please note: This book is intended for 18+ due to dirty talk, light bondage, and lots of 
sexy scenes. This ebook edition also includes the prequel novella First Night, which precedes Night After Night. The sequel, After This Night, releases May 12 and can be pre-ordered now. 
I'm a gigantic Lauren Blakely fan! Her books are great and Night After Night did not disappoint!

The prequel novella is HOT! One night of sex turned into something more for Clay and Julia. The chemistry between them was obvious and palpable. 

In Night After Night, their relationship blossoms into something way deeper than a one-night stand. They are compatible in the bedroom; they both like trying new things, but what I loved about this book was that they were compatible outside the bedroom. Julia and Clay are both very forward, they both voiced their opinions and suggestions. 

CLAY! His dirty talking was HOT! Although there was bonding, Julia and Clay wanted it. I loved that this was not only a one-way bonding situation, Clay was just as willing as Julia. His honesty was also something I loved about him! He knew he was falling for Julia and told her his story and his "skeletons" so that they could have a relationship.

Julia is a complicated woman. She's mixed up with some bad people and she hides it from everyone, even Clay, which I did not condone. However, her independence was very refreshing. She was not shy in any way. Her strong character made her the perfect match for Clay.

This book had so many sex scenes, but they were vital because Clay and Julia really developed their characters through those scenes.

I would recommend this series in a heartbeat! It has everything a good book should have. Romance. Hot Guy. Sexy Woman. Sex. Heartbreak. I LOVE IT!

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