Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Once Tasted Release Day (+Review)

Silver Creek #2

I loved this book! Lately, books that take place in ranches with hot, sexy cowboys are very attractive to me. This book had sexy cowboys, strong women, an interesting plot, and a dog!   Seriously, everything I need and want in a book was included in Once Tasted. 

Mia has always had a crush on Reid, the only problem is that he's never noticed her. She's accepted the fact that she will never be Reid's girl. However, he's back in town after having taken some time off from working at Silver Creek Ranch and now he's noticing her. She doesn't know what to do with the attention because she wants him but knows the dangers of falling for him. 

Reid is a hardworking male. He gives his all to Silver Creek Ranch. Mia blooms into a sexy woman which her initially wants to keep at an arm's length but that doesn't last long. Thomas, her uncle, unexpectedly leaves her and expects him to take care of her and he agrees. He weaves his way in her life and can't seem to get enough of her. 

Reid and Mia had small banters that were funnier than I expected. She's a strong women that is not ready to give up the control she has over the winery, which I admire. She learns to work together with Reid, which is a long process because they are both very stubborn in their own way. 

They have chemistry, a lot of chemistry! They also have a history together which makes their story more interesting. They only thing that I found annoying was Mia's cousin. I think that situation could have been less dramatic. I felt like he played to big of a role and shouldn't have. 

Bruno the dog! I love when dogs play important roles in books because they just sweeten the plot! I fell in love with Bruno! 

Overall, this book was SPECTACULAR. I can't wait to read the next book in the Silver Creek series because I know it will be another great read.

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