Monday, May 19, 2014

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I can't believe this is the last Remington novel! I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every book of this series! I think I've reiterated the fact that I love this series too many times already, but I am going to repeat that once or twice throughout this review! 

Kurt has been portrayed as the quiet, kind of weird Remington brother. He was always present in the other novels but he played a minor role. He was blah. However, there is nothing blah about Kurt Remington. This man is dedicated, loving, open-minded, comfortable, and caring. I really did not expect Kurt to be such a normal guy. I expected him to be a cute nerd that writes for hours on the next big thing. I don't know if this disappointed me or not. 

Leanna can be a restless soul, a hippie, an unconventional woman, among other things. I really can give at least a dozen adjectives to describe her but I thing the most important thing to know is that she's just a woman trying to find herself. 

Kurt and Leanna together were the cutest thing! They easily found a connection with each other and continued to grow that connection throughout the book. There was no major drama plot twists, as you've realized by reading other Melissa Foster's novels, which I love. These stories are about normal people falling in love. 

The thing I loved LOVED about this book was Leanna's friends at the Cape. They are seriously some of the most obnoxiously loud women I have read about and can't wait to continue reading more in Melissa Foster's next series: SEASIDE!!! Yes, you heard me, her friends have a series!! I AM SO EXCITED! 

Of course I loved this series. How can I not? This has become one of my favorite series this year and if you haven't read it, it is time for you to read these amazing novels! 


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