Monday, May 19, 2014

REV Book Blast (+Excerpt)

BOOK #3 (Releasing on May 19, 2014) 

 “Did you just call me a bitch again?” I shout as loud as I can. My voice is screechy and on the edge of breaking into a full-on wail. If I thought I could take him, I think I’d slap him right here and now. Thin as the grasp on reality might be, I can still see clearly enough to stop myself from trying to hobble from the bed and show him exactly how much I detest his use of that word.

Mr. Grady’s jaw ticks, and, in an instant, he’s pushed himself off of the wall. Several long strides and he’s got one knee on the edge of the bed and the other is thrown over my hips. His broad torso blocks the light from the hallway, and he rests his left forearm on the pillows beside me. He reaches out with his right arm and grasps me by my neck and jerks my head in close to his face. He breathes heavily on my skin, dampening my face in his scent.
“I’m being nice. Do not think that means I’m going to put up with your mouth. My brothers and I are going to count on you to keep quiet about the shit that went down. You cannot go off half-cocked like you just did. If you don’t keep your mouth shut, I’m going to let one of my brothers enjoy the pleasure of your company.”
“Are you threatening me?” I ask. My voice is so steady and cold that I don’t even know how I’m doing it. Inside I’m freaking the hell out. Maybe it’s the trauma of the situation that’s driving me, or maybe I’m just stupid.
“I don’t make threats. I make promises.”

BOOK #1 

 BOOK #2

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