Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rush Too Far Review (Hot Guys: Rush)

I'm a GIGANTIC Abbi Glines fan, I've mentioned this once or twice. With this being said, I love all her books, more like obsessed over her books. When I read one of her books I just don't read it once, I reread many MANY times! I think I've reread this book at least three times over the last day because that is how much I love it. 

"She didn't get me at all. She didn't understand, and holy hell, she thought she wasn't good enough. Was she kidding me? She was so damn near perfect it hurt."

Rush Too Far is the companion novel to Fallen Too Far, part of the Rosemary Beach series. In Fallen Too Far we were introduced to Blaire and RUSH and their heart wrenching story, which was written in Blaire's point-of-view. Rush Too Far is in Rush's point-of-view. I feel like I've been waiting for this novel for years because Rush is one of my all-time favorite characters. 

"She never complained when any other woman on the planet would have. And she was eating motherfucking peanut butter sandwiches every day. My chest hurt."

Rush carries a burden on his shoulders, more commonly known has Nan. He's been her everything for all her life, well, at least until Blaire enters his life. Blaire alters his life and he sinks so deep into her that doesn't know what to do when what he fears most happens (For those who have read this story, you know what I'm talking about). I loved reading his side of the story! The love he has for Blaire is so strong, you can clearly tell his interest for her in the beginning. He clearly wanted her but tried to keep a safe distance. It was just so sweet to see Blaire through Rush's view. He's just so perfect! 

"The fierce look on her face made want to laugh and kiss her senseless at the same damn time.."

So many times while reading a book with only one character's point-of-view I wonder what the other character is doing. This book answered all the questions I had while reading Fallen Too Far. 

"Why did the simple fact that she's been caught looking and go teem embarrassed make me so fucking happy? 

I'm just so happy that I finally read this book! Blaire and Rush are two of the first characters I fell in love with. Ugh, I really need a Rush in my life. He's a rocker's son, he's also responsible, charming, sweet, loving, hot, and manly. His name itself is filled with promises! READ THIS BOOK! I truly recommend it, even more if you're an Abbi Glines' fan! 


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