Thursday, May 15, 2014

Slope of Love Blog Tour


The REMINGTONS! Can I please marry into this family? They are only like the funniest, most loving, good-looking family I know! 

Rush Remington is known for his playboy ways. He's young, hot, and an Olympic gold medalist so had no problem getting women in his bed. However, he realizes that he's leading a very shallow life and begins to change his ways. Jayla is also one of the main reasons he's changing. He realized he was in love with his best friend, a best friend that still thinks he's the same playboy. 

Jayla is a competitive woman. She doesn't like depending on anyone but herself. She loves to ski and can't imagine her life with it but she's also suffering from an injury and realizing that her career might be endangered. She's also deeply, and madly in love with her best friend Rush. 

Jayla is a very difficult woman that was hard to love. She knows how dangerous her injury can be but that doesn't stop her. She pushes herself to the limit and hides it from everyone. I didn't like this. A woman should be strong and independent but should also know when its time to ask for help. She also have Rush a hard time. Another thing I did not like. He would reassure her that he had changed and wanted to be with her but wouldn't accept him! In conclusion, she was a frustrating character! 

Rush was the sweetest guy! Even though Jayla would act like a bitch, he would still be there for her. I just want to correct a misconception I had from reading the previous books in the series. He acts like a douche in the other books but I didn't not find that animosity from him in this novel. I thought I wasn't going to like him because of the way he acted towards Jack but it was the opposite, I loved him! 

This book was filled with romantic, steamy scenes that I loved! Although it is not my favorite, I loved it! Melissa Foster knows how to write an enticing romance novel! 

After reading Game of Love and Stroke of Love from the Remington Series, I continued on with Flame of Love. That is what the series makes you want to do! You just want to continue reading about all the characters forever! I am seriously obsessed!!! This book was a joy to read! Everything about it was amazing! 

Seina is model, but she's not your typical model. She's intelligent, tough, and independent. (Perfect role model!) She has 5 hot, amazing, and loving brothers that are very protective of her. However, she's not satisfied with life. She feels like something has been missing and she yearns for more.

Cash is a firefighter. Everyday he puts his life on the line, even more that he should. He keeps on going back to one night, a night full of "what ifs". He's a man that's always prepared and it irks him when other people are not. He's also a sensitive, attentive, sexy man! 

One night Cash rescues Siena and they start off on the wrong foot, and they continue on the wrong foot. Siena finds him infuriating and Cash finds her beautifully stubborn. Their relationships develops quickly and deeply but they find themselves facing certain challenges early in their relationship. 

I love how Seina finds that void that fill with Cash. She's a strong women, stronger that usual but she needs Cash. Cash is a softy! OMG, he was seriously one of the hottest men I've read about. He just understood Siena and Siena loves him for that, I love him for that! 

This was my favorite Remington novel! Cash and Siena are a striking couple. They just needed each other in their lives and you, as the reader, can feel that connection they have beyond the pages. I seriously cannot say that I've read a book like this. Their relationship is just so genuine! I freakin' ADORE this book! 

"You're like fire. I want to study you, understand you, and learn what makes you lose control." 




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