Thursday, May 1, 2014

Surrendering Blog Tour

Okay, so I seriously loved this book. I actually thought I wasn't going to like it because of the storyline. A struggling poor girl gets an offer she can't refuse blah blah blah. I've read so many of books like that. This book was not like that! I'm so happy because I love reading books that go beyond typical plots. 

Ari is financially struggling. She's unable to care for her mother like she would like to. One stupid night ended the life she worked so hard to have. Time is of essence because they are about to transfer her mother to another hospital because of the lack of money and her rent is due any day now. Desperately searching for a job she applied to Rafe's company. Unsure of the position, she goes through the strange application process and at the end she realizes that he wants her to become his mistress. 

Rafe does not have the best of luck with love. His first marriage ended miserably and is permanently scarred. He now deals with women as if they were business transactions. He needs a new mistress and he wants Ari. He doesn't know why but he WANTS her. When he's rejected he takes it as a personal challenge to have Ari. 

Ari was a very stubborn woman, which made her a perfect match for Rafe, a stubborn man. Although she feels like she hits rockbottom, she doesn't give up, which is something so admirable. Her strong spirit and her wittiness made me love her. 

Rafe is Italian. He loves his family and he's a nice guy, except when he's with Ari. I'm not sure if I likes this aspect. You could see that he cared for her but wouldn't admit it. It frustrated me so much! 

There were HOT scenes in this book that left me fanning myself! Rafe wants her BAD! 

This books is also a set up for Shane and Lia. Shane is Rafe's best friend and Lia is Rafe's sisters. Their story intrigued me because something happened in a hotel room and theirs implications of what could happen but we don't really find out. I really want to know what happened in that hotel room! 

I actually really enjoyed this book. I'm about the buy the second book because I want to find out what happens next. BTW, there's a cliffhanger and you NEED to buy the next book after you read that scene because there's unfinished business there! 
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