Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome to Paradise (+Excerpt)


Welcome to Paradise #4 (Included in Box)

He turns and looks at me. "The pavement is hot. I'll carry you the rest of the way. Hop on."
Being stubborn, I touch my foot to the pavement to test it.
"I'm parked six rows over. You can walk if you want." He shrugs, but looks confident.
He starts walking, but the ground is too hot and I don't want to scorch my feet. I huff, putting my hands on my hips. "Fine. I'll take the ride."
And there is that self-satisfied smile. If I wasn't anxious to get out of here myself, I'd protest just to spite him. But I want to get home, so I swallow my pride.
He comes back and bends over and I hop onto his back wrapping my legs around his body and my arms loosely around his neck. My cold, wet, bathing suit is in my hand, dripping down his bare chest, and I find a tidbit of pleasure in that annoyance. He's getting me back five times over with the friction of his body against my nether region as he moves though. All that separates us is the soft cotton of the briefs I'm wearing.
He makes me want him! It's hard to give up the best sex of your life over stupid stuff like principles and pride.
We reach the car and he grabs me from the side, spinning me to his front and pinning me against the vehicle with his body.
"Whoa! What are you doing?" My feet don't reach the ground and he's holding me by my ass and enjoying himself at that.
"I told you our conversation wasn't over."
"Do we have to finish it with your cock pressed against me while your hands fondle my ass though?" I ask, sneering.
He laughs then leans his head against my forehead. "You're right. We shouldn't be talking." His lips graze mine and my body relaxes under his grip. Sensing the tension dissipating from my body, he kisses me. I hold out for exactly point two seconds before I kiss him back.

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