Thursday, May 8, 2014

While it Lasts (Hot Guys: Cage)

Released in 2012
Sea Breeze #3

Abbi Glines is my one of favorite author. I think I have mentioned this once or twice before, and its the truth. Her books can be easily be based on a real situation, which I love. As much as I enjoy reading about millionaires I know that the chances of me falling in love with a young, hot billionaire are pretty slim. I have accepted that fact, but Abbi Glines makes me want reality. She helps me coop with the real world. In the Sea Breeze series she writes about a group of everyday friends living in a small coastal town in Alabama. Their afternoons are spent in the Live Bay bar while their days consist of every day activities, just like ours. If you haven't read Sea Breeze series, then I recommend you to. It is completely worth it. 

In the previous Sea Breeze novels Cage York made appearances. The ultimate playboy but he is also Low's protector. In Because of Low we see little snips of Cage's sweet, caring nature. You have seen nothing of the infamous playboy until you read While it Last

He's a bad boy. He likes sex so he has sex, lots of it. However, all the partying turns in a DUI and he is sent to farm so that he can show that he deserves to keep his baseball scholarship. 

Eva is the farm owner's daughter. She's been through some hard shit in life and hasn't been able to get over it. Until Cage. Cage brings her alive again and she's scared. Cage realizes that his past, all the girls, all the booze, everything is worthless and completely irrelevant when you meet the right person. 

If you love books with southern boys then this book is 100% for you. If you love bad southern boys, then what are you waiting for?! BUY IT NOW!  This book was written in dual points-of-views which makes the story so much better. It is also filled with hot, sexy scenes, that only southern boys would be able to pull off. The characters are absolutely lovable and easily relatable which makes this read an easy, entertaining read. If you haven't read any of the Sea Breeze novels then I recommend you to start reading them. They won't disappoint. 

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