Monday, June 16, 2014

Breaking the Reins (Review)

I don't think I have enough words to explain my love for this book! I'm so sad that it ended! This was the type of book I wanted to continue reading about the characters FOREVER! But all good things come to end-- and this book came to an end, a good one! 

Can I begin by stating my dislike for Eric. I loath him! I need him to jump off a cliff, like yesterday! Yes, my dislike for him is that bad! If you read the book, you'll want to do the same! 

I enjoyed Leo's and Hanna's love story. I went through an emotional roller coaster reading this book! Leo needs a fresh start and Hannah is dealing with some personal stuff. She is being told to sell her grandmother's ranch but she refuses. She's stubborn--the good kind. She doesn't give up on Argus when everybody else would! I love characters like her. She is a someone that can easily be looked as a role model.   

This book is about domestic violence which is powerful. This should NOT stop you from reading this book because it made the book that much stronger! 

I'm about to buy the next novel in the series because it's THAT good! It's such a beautiful book! It's about trust, healing, recovery! I did not expect it to be this good because it had a slow beginning but I'm so happy that I persevered on and got to the good stuff. 

One more thing, Julianna, THANK YOU for the Portuguese-English translations! They saved me a A LOT of time.  

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