Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Choosing You Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)

UNBELIEVABLE! This book was completely and utterly unbelievable, in the best way possible. Allie Everhart captures the audience from page one and holds their attention until the last page. That is a gift, something that Allie truly has. I could not put this book down!

When I first began reading this book I was like "Oh, no! Another college book." I thought it was going to be just about a simple love story with a happy ending. Well, I was wrong. It was far from simple and there is not exactly a happy ending, something that I didn't mind at all! 

Jade is girl with a tough past. Her mother was an alcoholic that broke her spirits at a very young age. Despite her ugly past, she overcomes that. She turns into this humble, but sassy, and yet cautious girl. She has walls surrounding herself and not many people realize what she is going through. 

Garret is a trust fund baby. His family is the definition of wealth and power. However, his family doesn't stop him from being this easy-going, attentive, caring man he has become. He's able to push pass his fear to get what he wants, something that I believe is so admirable in a person (or a character in this case). 

Garret is instantly pulled in by Jade. He tries to surpass those barriers and he does, but he doesn't realize that he needs to be careful with her because she is fragile. Their relationship was an ongoing process throughout the whole novel. Jade doesn't fall to his feet because Garret has her attention, but instead she resists him for most of the book. Was this a bit frustrating? Yes, actually, very. I just wanted them to get together, but they don't. 

The ending left me wanting to ask so many more questions, which again is UNBELIEVABLE!  After you finish reading it , the need to buy the next couple of books is urgent. So be warned! 

Overally, this book was absolutely fantastic. Men out there in the world, please read this book! You need to learn some pointers on how to woo ladies from Garret! 

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