Friday, June 20, 2014

Love With a Perfect Cowboy (Review+Giveaway)

Melody does not have much luck. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she runs into Luke, as in Luke from her small town Cupid, Texas. She never expected to see him there. Luke has his own reasons for seeking out Melody, very selfish reasons. Their connections is instantaneous and when they come together chemistry overflows! 

Luke. Sigh. Can I please have a cowboy lover? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is bigger and better in TEXAS! Luke is a confident, smart, and completely set on Melody, his first love.   

This book was filled with a little bit of everything. It had a twist, which completely blindsided me, but it added another intense element to what I thought was going to be simple love story. It also has a Romeo and Juliet family feud. I love books like this because I love Romeo and Juliet. Forbidden love seems to be the best type of love!

I have not read the previous books in the Cupid Texas series, but now I want to! If this book is any indication of what the other books are like, then I must read them! Lori Wilde, I can't wait to read more of your books! You're awesome. 

Cupid Texas Series
Love at First Sight 
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Somebody to Love 
Love with a Perfect Cowboy 

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