Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mad Love (Review+Giveaway)

I am so in love with this book! Clayton and Sophie are one of the best couples I've ever read about! Everything, EVERYTHING about this book was absolutely perfect! Mad Love reminded me why I love blogging. There's an alpha male, a cool heroine, chemistry, love, and sex! This book seriously spectacular!

Clayton is an alpha male. A neanderthal. A controlling man. A possessive man. I adore him! I wish we could have had chapters in his point-of-view because that man is a mystery, a really interesting one. You could see that he instantly fell for Sophie and really didn't know how to express his feelings in any other way than his controlling nature. Sometimes that was sweet and other times it was annoying. 

Sophie just made life-altering decisions and is escaping to a little tropical island. She's so strong for chasing what she believes in! I like courages characters like Sophie. She didn't stand down in her little battles with Clayton, although he has a strong personality. This just showed how perfect they were together with their strong personalities clashing with each other. 

Clayton and Sophie are nuclear! Their chemistry was tangible, which doesn't happen in a lot of books. I loved Erik and Orie. They added such a playful mood to the story. I really need best friends like them. 

There's drama in this novel! To be honest, most of the time drama just upsets me because I feel like I'm watching a soap opera with the same plot. However, MAD LOVE is like the best one! I loved every minute of it.  

Can I please, PLEASE read the second book already! I'm dying to know what happens! PLEEEEEASE! I want NEED to know what happens!

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