Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making Waves (Review+Teasers+Giveaway)

Please note that this book is a novella. I began reading it and was really into the story and then it was over. This is not a bad thing at all. I'm just merely saying that I really, REALLY wanted to continue reading more about the characters. 

Justine is visiting some family friends in Hawaii, trying to get away from the stress of her demanding job. She's on the brink of getting laid-off and really needs to start thinking about she's going to do to prevent that, which in the ends means she needs to come up with a great story fast. She hears that a famous surfer is coming out of retirement and goes to interview him. She doesn't realize that the famous surfer Cash Ryder is the same man--Will Davenport-- that left his mark on her over a year ago. 

Cash/Will doesn't like the fame that come with his job and he doesn't tell anyone that he leads two lives. However, he does regret that it affected his relationship with Justine over a year ago. They had something and he left. 

This novella is more like the rekindling of their relationship. They have great chemistry and are obviously made for each other. They are both very straightforward people, very honest. I kind of loved this about the characters. I also loved the element of the water. It added a whole new depth to the story. This story is short, simple and sweet. I absolutely adored it! 

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