Sunday, June 1, 2014

On the Rocks Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)



This was actually a very enjoyable read. It didn't take me more than a few hours to read it! I do wished I would have read the first book of the Mixology series because the characters are recurring characters so I would have a been able to understand them better. 

Carly goes to live with her brother, unannounced, right after college. She doesn't have any where else to go and she knows he will welcome her. However, when his girlfriend, Maddy, moves in with him Carly goes to live with Maddy's previous roommates, who happen to be men, hot men. 

Macon is perceived as a bad boy and is constantly warned about staying away from Carly, but I never felt like he was a player. He and Carly have chemistry, lots of it, which makes the story ten times better. 

I think this story was great! I enjoyed getting to read about Carly because she's a very relatable character. Macon was also great! He's such a nice guy, we really need more men like him in this world. 

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