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Seeing Red Blog Tour

June 16, 2014  

I'm going to be completely honest with you. When I began reading I didn't think I was going to like it. I was very skeptical about continuing the novel, but I did and IT GOT BETTER. As I continued to turn every page, I felt a little more and more consumed by the story. 

Megan is a single mother who was married to a asshole rockstar who destroyed her. She was bullied by the press so she decided to get married to escape it. She believed that maybe she would be able to tame her image if she did. 

Seth is a friend with Megan's friends that decides to marry Megan and help her. He's a lovable Russian! He's an innocent man that got pulled into the Megan's mess but quickly develops feeling for her. 

Megan doesn't want to fall for Seth because it's all supposed to be a temporary arrangement. However, Seth is charming and it's impossible not to like him! 

Megan is hardheaded and uses Seth, something that frustrated me because you could tell that Seth really liked her and Megan didn't reciprocate those feelings! 

The novel is kind of slow, but there are some good parts in this novel that made me want to finish it-- and I did! 3.5 HEARTS

“Is that what you want?”

 “What I want is obviously irrelevant.”

She leaned back and craned her neck up to see his dark expression. “Excuse the hell out of me? You entered this agreement willingly.”

“I did. Just as you entered kicking and screaming.”

“You haven’t seen kicking and screaming yet.”

All of a sudden, the angles and planes in his face looked sharper, more shadowed. His enlarged pupils made his hazel eyes dark, and the slight flaring of his nostrils gave her warning that she’d pushed some button he’d never before exposed to her.


She was gonna push that button again. She jutted her chin up and said, “That’s right, Red. I spend every waking moment looking for an avenue out of this thing.”

“I see.” In one second, he had her hauled up over his shoulder, and before she could register direction or intent, her tennis shoes were yanked off one by one, and he didn’t lose his stride one bit. By the time he slapped on the bedroom light, she’d lost her socks, too.

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