Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Accidentally Married on Purpose (Excerpt+Giveaway)

 Laughing, he threw open the door and tore up the drive, expecting Sherry to be right behind him. But when he reached the front door and turned around, she wasn’t on the porch. Confused, Tyler walked back a few steps and found her instead in the yard, face tilted to the sky, arms stretched to capture the liquid drops.

In his experience, women tended to get all Wicked Witch when it came to the wet stuff—they freaked if it touched them. While Sherry wasn’t overly dramatic about fashion, he’d seen her tackle box filled with makeup and witnessed the application ceremony. If anyone would avoid the risk of messing it up, it’d be Sherry.
But then, as he always seemed to be when it came to this woman, he’d been wrong.
“What the hell are you doing?”
She stuck out her tongue like a kid catching snowflakes and closed her eyes as the rain pelted her once flawless face. Lowering her head with a grin, she said, “It’s not like we’re gonna melt. Haven’t you ever danced in the rain for fun?”
 “Danced?” Tyler edged closer to the end of the covered porch, shocked anew. Raising his voice over the torrent, he shook his head. “Can’t say that I have.”
His confession earned him a playful grin, and as she held out a hand toward him, she said, “There’s a first time for everything.”
Right now, he was dry. He was under a roof, warm and adequately dressed to impress the in-laws. But her smile was hypnotic. Placing his hand in hers, unsure why he was even doing it, he let her tug him into the storm.
As expected, it was cold. And wet. If anyone saw them out here—and with their photographic luck, people were definitely watching—they’d think he was nuts. But that didn’t matter because his adorable, silly, crazy-as-hell wife dropped his hand and began dancing. Spinning in a circle, laughing at nothing, scrunching her nose and making a Mick Jagger face as she shimmied her shoulders and swirled those luscious hips.
It was mesmerizing.
“Dancing isn’t a spectator sport,” she called out, eyebrow lifted, twirling again. “Don’t tell me you don’t dance, music man. I ain’t buying it.”
Oh, he had some moves. Not great moves, mind you, but he could carry his own. So, with his sassy brunette watching and waiting, Tyler gave the quiet street a cursory glance, and then bopped his head.
“Niiice,” Sherry teased, throwing her head back in a laugh. “Watch out, Timberlake.”
Shaking his head, a smile twitching his lips, he added his feet. Pleasure filled her eyes as she followed his every step, so he also did a Michael Jackson moonwalk, completely with a crotch grab. That sent her into hysterics. And made him feel like a damn king.

Rachel's Top Five Men of Country Music

·    Hunter Hayes – Louisiana native and the author of so many songs on my story soundtrack, Hunter Hayes is a given for me on this list. In fact, I watched his induction into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame for inspiration, and whenever I got stuck writing, I would play the song I Want Crazy—it could totally be Sherry and Tyler’s theme song. I think Hunter is a gifted songwriter, he’s an incredible performer, and I’ve actually followed his career since he was very young.

·    Luke Bryan – Another one who I listened to A LOT while writing. His personal story also inspired me and I modeled a lot of Tyler’s rise to fame and his career on LB. Plus, he’s just so flipping hot!!

·    Brad Paisley – I’ve been a fan of Brad Paisley since his debut album. His songs are fun and catchy, but you then watch him play and realize just how unbelievable his talent is. My husband and I DVR’d a performance with him and John Mayer and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched it, in particular the part where everything else is quiet and the camera zooms in on Brad’s fingertips as he plays. He’s got skills…and he’s so darn cute J

·    George Strait – One of the originals. My mom and I would drive around listening to his tapes—yep, dating myself again, aren’t I?—and we had dance moves to almost all his lyrics. Silly movements to act out the songs but they make up some of my favorite childhood memories. His songs always manage to say something, strike a chord, and Love Without End, Amen will always be at the top of my favorite songs ever.

Garth Brooks – You want to see a good show, you go to a Garth Brooks concert. That man is a born entertainer. His Hits album is one of my top five favorite albums ever—so many good ones on there—and so many of his songs have the ability to make me laugh and cry. The Dance saw me through a few breakups and To Make You Feel My Love has been on so many of my story soundtracks. Belleau Wood gives me chills and Friends in Low Places makes me laugh. That’s an artist right there.


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