Wednesday, July 23, 2014

London Falling Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)

WOW. I'm so obsessed with this book! I did nothing but read all day. It sucked me in and kept me there the whole novel. I just didn't want it to end, I was THAT into it. It's one of those books that I want to continue reading forever and ever!

"And as much as I know it makes me the biggest bastard on the palest, I'm not even sorry that I was your first. I fucking love that I was your first."

Okay, so I've realized that a lot of people have I See London, which is the first book of this series. I have not. Now I wish I would have read it because the characters built their relationship in the first novel. London Falling was a continuation of where Samir and Maggie left off. 

Maggie returns to London angry at Samir. He only texted two times after she slept with him. She's upset and realizes that she has it bad for him. It is so hard not to love Maggie. The only thing I wished was that she would have stayed mad at Samir a bit longer. No man should be easily forgiven for what he did! 

"I know you, I've seen you naked, licked Cristal out of your belly button, lost myself inside you, watched you fall asleep, made you come so hard you screamed."

Samir goes through a lot in this book. There's the pressure of him returning home to join politics and marrying the perfect political asset. I felt bad for him throughout most of the novel. He obviously cares for Maggie but he also loved Lebanon and feels like he has a duty to his country. 

Samir and Maggie have an unquestionable attraction which got steamier and steamier as the book progressed. LOVED those scenes. It added maturity to a novel, something I didn't expect about this novel. 

I said her name like a prayer. For what, I wasn't sure. I wanted to beg her to release me from this hold she had over me, please with her to let me kiss her."

Can there be a book about Fleur and Max pleeeeease! I need one right now. The attraction is obviously there. I love the sexual tension between them. HOT! 

I really need to read I See London. I want to know how Samir and Maggie began their story! I loved everything about this book! 


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