Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teaching Roman Blog Tour (Review+Quotes)


When I first picked up Teaching Roman I was a bit hesitant because not a lot of authors can pull off a good, believable teacher-student relationship. I'd been craving a good one for a long time so I was beyond ecstatic when I began reading this one. I instantly fell in love. 

"I don't want easy. I want you."

Jessica is a good girl. She's focused on achieving success and has a very determined, non-flexable mentality. I could so relate with her, I think a lot of people could. However, I felt like she was a bit naive. One moment she was the "good girl" I learned to love and other times she was a daring person. I didn't like this so much. It was hard to keep up with her personality shifts.  

ROMAN. Ohh my. He certainly knows how to woo a girl. I loved him BUT I didn't see him as a professor most of the story. He acted a like a normal man who was in love. The teacher-student feel was always looming over the relationship of the characters but it could be easily forgotten. 

"...Be my partner--to have and to hold."
I could barely speak through my tears, but I managed a small smile. "From this day forward?"
"For better or worse," he promised me. 
"Until death do us part?" I asked in a whisper, my eyes never leaving his,
"Not even then."

I think what I loved the most about this novel was the attraction Roman and Jess had. It seemed like a genuine loving relationship. At times, it seemed like the story was bit rushed. One minute they were nothing and the other minute they were sleeping with each other. Some people like the fast-paced relationships and I have to admit that I usually do, but in this case I wanted more and I thought the author could deliver MORE! 

Overall, this was a really fun read. I didn't put it down until I finished it. I would totally recommend this book for people who are looking for those teacher-student relationships because it was actually good! 

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