Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Return of the Rebel (Review+Excerpt+Giveaway)

Cleo carries a lot emotional baggage. After her father's death, her family situation drastically changed. Her mother blamed her for his death and her brother was financially struggling with his Wyoming ranch. She changed her job from an accountant to a host in a Las Vegas casino, hoping to earn enough money to help her brother. 

Jax Monroe is bad boy.  Well, he used to be one in Wyoming. His accomplice was Cleo and he lost touch with her after one kiss they shared many years ago. Now, she's his hostess and he doesn't know if he can handle that with his past and their history. 

I loved Cleo and Jax together. They obviously had feelings for each other but didn't admit it. I loved the history they shared because it made their relationship so much stronger. It also added more depth and chemistry. 

This story was a great, fun read. It's one of those books you can quickly read. It's a type of story you don't want to put down. Is there drama? OF COURSE there is but I liked it! Is there good romance? Hell yes! I think the author did a phenomenal job writing this novel and can't wait to read more book by her! 
“Stop fussing over me.” The hurt expression on Cleo’s face had Jax regretting his outburst. She was only trying to be nice. “Thank you, but I’m fine.”

Her brow arched as she pressed her hands to her hips. “If you’re so fine, prove it. Let’s head over to the casino and see if you can win back some of that money you lost yesterday.”

Actually that sounded like the best suggestion he’d heard in a while. Because there was no way he was going to fall asleep again anytime in the near future. “Lead the way.”

Surprise lit up her eyes, but for once she didn’t argue. She turned on her stilettos and headed straight for the door. His gaze drifted to her derriere, nicely displayed in a red skirt that showed off her curves. He had no idea where she bought her clothes, but it was as if they were tailored just for her.

His throat grew dry and he gulped down the rest of the water. She’d certainly grown up to be a knockout. He couldn’t believe Kurt let her out of his sight. If she was his little sister, he’d definitely keep her under wraps—away from men like himself.

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