Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bring on the Heat Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)



HOT GUYS and BASEBALL! My kind of book! This is a fun summer read! It does not have the most realistic plot but it has a soap opera element to it. It reminded a lot of the teen movie Monte Carlo

Darcy works for bad-girl socialite Lydia as a house sitter. When Lydia decides to take off Darcy attends an event in Lydia's place and gets confused as Lydia. There she meets sexy baseball player Chase, who's attracted to her. They develop a relationship while Darcy pretends to be Lydia. She DOESN'T tell him the truth! Which of course is stupid because she gets caught. 

Chase is all kinds of messed up. Some of the things he does are unforgivable. I wouldn't have accepted an apology from him in any circumstances. His thoughts are a big NO NO! I couldn't like him. Yes, he was sexy and a baseball player, but I wouldn't want to associate myself with him if he were real. Darcy was a bit naive, but that's understandable. 

I would have enjoyed this book if Chase wasn't such an asshole but aside from that it was an entertaining read for a summer afternoon! 

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