Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Regrets (+Review)

I couldn't really stay focus on this book! I tried. I really did! But it was only an short, easy, OKAY read for me. 

Leslie has a dog and it dies and she's sad. Yup, that's how the book begins. It was a very weak beginning and I was in no way hooked. Books like this make it hard for the reader to want to continue reading. Nonetheless, I continued. 

Leslie was a confusing heroine. I really couldn't relate to her that much. She was older than most characters we read about; she was 39. However, she had some characteristics I really liked. She was an independent women with a good career, BUT her fault was that she was very insecure. When someone would call her beautiful, she would negate it. 

Josh is also a very independent man. Like many other men, he's against commitment and he let's Leslie know when they begin their friends-with-benefits relationship. He was very sweet toward Leslie and new how to please her like no other man had. In addition, he has a very DIRTY mouth that can make any woman swoon! 

The book is called "No Regrets" but this wasn't mentioned that much. I thought it would play a bigger role, but it didn't. This book was also somewhat emotional. 

The book was only twelve chapters so when I say it was a quick, easy read, I mean it! I wished it had an epilogue because I felt the book ended too sudden. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. Josh and Leslie develop a very comfortable relationship which I liked! They also had very steamy scenes that I enjoyed. I think every book deserves this chance and if you like quick, steamy reads then you'll enjoy this one! 

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