Monday, August 11, 2014

Revenge Bound Blog Tour (Review+Teasers+Giveaway)

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Violet is dealing with some hardcore situations in this novel. Her ex-boyfriend posted some intimate pictures of her on a porn website with all of her contact information. She has to deal with people texting her inappropriate messages that are really scary and uncomfortable. She also has a stalker issue. Scary! She's trying to move on with her life as much as she can. She gets fired from her job after her employer finds the pictures and has to take up freelancing photography. While on a shoot of Tattoo Thief she's attracted to Jayce. 

Tattoo Thief is not the band Jayce used to know. It's changed and he doesn't like it. However, what he does like is the redhead who shows up to take some pictures. He can't stop thinking about her and, frankly, doesn't want to. 

Their connection is instant and strong and their chemistry is palpable! They both have their own problems to deal with but that doesn't stop them from wanting each other. Jayce wants to keep her safe but Violet puts up resistance not wanting to draw more attention to herself.

This book was an entertaining read. I haven't read the other Tattoo Thief novels and I was fine without them! It can be read as a standalone! Overall, this is a book for anyone looking for a good summer book. 

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