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Sinful Rewards 2 (+Review)

And the rewards continue! I love the concept of this book. She gets rewarded for doing "sinful" things. HOT! The heat factor is HIGH! I can't wait to find out who is sending her the text messages. The nerdy billionaire or the hot biker?

In my review for Sinful Rewards #1 I mentioned that I was not a big fan of the heroine, Bee. I'm still not. I really tried to like her this time but I miserable failed. She was just not a character I want to read about. She's interesting but that's it. There are times where I really want to like her, but then she does or says something stupid. I wish she was naive, but, frankly, she's just an idiot sometimes. 

HOT MEN! WOW. The hotness continues. I'm a hot biker babe all the way, but a rude, nerdy billionaire is slowly winning me over. I never thought that would happen. There's obviously something going that we still don't know about but I really want to know! I think this the factor that is going to make me continue wanting to read the series! Do the they know each other? Who is sending the texts? Who is she going to end up with?

Overall, it was a quick, easy read. There were some steamy encounters which are enjoyable! I'm going to pick make sure I read the next part when it comes out! (3 1/2 hearts) 


“You like my bike, huh?” Hawke grins, one corner of his lips quirking endearingly higher than the other. The stubble shadowing his square chin accentuates his broad cheekbones, the darkness contrasting vividly with his pale eyes.

“Yep.” I don’t like what his bike symbolizes, his chosen means of transport is built for one person, but I admire the workmanship. “It’s very pretty.”

“Pretty?” He scowls, appearing deeply offended, lines grooved around his mouth. “Paintings are pretty. You’re pretty.”

He thinks I’m pretty. My soul fills with happiness.

“Bikes aren’t pretty, sweetheart. They’re powerful machines.” Hawke clutches the throttle and revs the engine, the sound vibrating through my chest. “One thousand CCs, like having a beast between your legs.”

He’s a beast, all leather and denim and muscle, and I’d like to have him between my legs, our two naked forms fused into one, his rough hands cupping my ass cheeks, lifting me into him.

God, I want this man yet I can’t have him. I squeeze my thighs together, struggling to contain my urge to touch him, to stroke him, taste him. He’s wrong for me in so many delectable ways and I shouldn’t be thinking of him. Nicolas, my stable, serious billionaire, should own my thoughts, my body, my heart.

“I have to go to work.” I step backward, retreating as I always do from temptation, and never have I been as tempted as I am right now.

My gaze lingers over Hawke’s wide leather-clad shoulders, massive arms, scarred knuckles. His tattoos remain hidden but I know they’re there, decorating his golden skin, as detailed as the designs on his bike. He’s big and broad, a mountain on wheels, giving the illusion of solidity yet destined to leave, the combination confusing my bad boy inner warning system.

“Hop on the back.” Hawke twists his torso and pats the tiny wedge of seat behind him, his palm smacking hard leather. “I’ll give you a ride.”

I skim my tongue over my bottom lip, the thought of sitting behind him, straddling his big body with my legs, pressing my breasts against his back, thrilling me.

“Do you have a helmet?” I ask, knowing the answer. Helmets aren’t mandatory in Chicago and a man like him doesn’t wear unnecessary protection. He takes risks, flying as free as the bird he’s named after, untamable and wild.

“No, I don’t have a helmet.” Hawke’s smile fades, his blue jean eyes growing serious. “But you’re safe in my hands, Belinda. I’ll be careful with you.” He extends one of his arms, holding his hand out to me.

I stare at his creased palm. It takes all of my willpower not to grasp his fingers, not to slide my hand in his, allowing him to pull me wherever he wants me to go.

“I can’t risk it.” I force the words, my heart screaming in protest.

“I see.” Hawke drops his hand. He doesn’t see. He thinks I’m talking about his bike. He doesn’t know the risk I can’t take is touching him.


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