Friday, August 15, 2014

Songbird Blog Tour (Character Profile+Giveaway)

Character Profile: Nate

Full name: Nathan Sinclair 

Age: 23 years 

Career: Business major at Syracuse/basketball player

> Basketball. He’s damn good at it.
> Women. Pretty much all of them.
> Tattoos.
> His brothers. Even though they’re always getting him into shit.  
> Melodee Lee. Screw other women, she’s the one.
Protecting those he loves.

Women who take their obsessions too far.
His mother; she’s a cold hearted bitch.
The way politics has sucked the life from his family.

Nathan grew up as a part of one of the richest families in America. His father is in politics, his mother spends her time holidaying and shopping. Lucky he had his brothers. The four of them use their money and looks to turn the college town upside down. Nathan has always found escape on the court, and it looks as if his talents are about to land him a spot in the NBA. And then Melodee Lee crashed into his life, literally. And now he can’t stop thinking about her. His life was moving along just how he wanted, and then a five foot nothing slip of a fighter-girl knocked him on his ass.

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