Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stark Series (Excerpt+Giveaway)


How do you feel about all of this?” she asks, her expression turning solemn.

He's intriguing and charming in a bad boy kind of way,” I say, pondering, “and absolutely hot. He acts as though it’s more than just plain attraction, but I’m pretty sure he's the biggest player.”

Oh, a male version of you.”

Hey, whose side are you on, anyway?”

Well, just do him, like Ian suggested, and go from there.” She concludes in an assertive tone, effortlessly dismissing the doubt in subject.

But you know how I feel about that...been there, done that. You know better than anyone what I’m not looking for.”

Who better than Tasha knows about my sordid history? About how, for the last few years, by choice, I didn’t have a “relationship” that lasted longer than one night, longer than an orgasm...

She fixes her framed white Jackie O. sunglasses, adjusting them on the bridge of her pointy nose. “Hales, I know that you've stopped fucking for nothing. But make an exception with this irresistible, virile, mega-attractive guy, one last time. And by all means, girl, don’t make it more than it is,” she states, putting to words what we both think. She does have a talent for doing that.

Fucking for nothing,” I snicker. “Classy.” Tasha mirrors my amused stare.

Pulling the car to a stop, she turns to me and says, “Come on, he's incredibly sexy. Hell, he's Daniel 'Hottie' Stark.” She grins. “My best friend is going to do Daniel Stark.”
I can’t help but laugh at her cheerful declaration.

We have all these indecent plans for him and I'm not even sure he'll call again,” I murmur. “If there's something I cannot do, it’s anticipating this guy.” Given our brief history, I sigh deeply.

Perhaps I should just call him up and say, Hey Daniel, the unanimous verdict has been rendered - I am to do you, let's fuck?”


“To you, baby, to fulfilling your dreams, or at least having a great time while trying to,” Daniel says, handing me a glass. He then stands up and I shamelessly drink in his bare, toned body with my fervent stare. I halt, gaping, at the erotic trail of soft, golden hair on his bronze skin, framed by a carved V that leads to the hem of his loose jeans. Noticing my focused stare he directs a lustful gaze my way and sits next to me on my lounger.

He takes my glass and sets it aside. I watch him closely as he brings the chilled bottle to my lips and lets me drink. With my mouth full I tilt my head back, signaling that I'm done, but Daniel leaves the bottle in the same position and lets some of the chilled liquid drip down my chin. The champagne flows over my throat and descends further down in cool trails. I let out a short giggle that fades when Daniel reaches to unbutton the rest of my shirt, shifting it sideways. I swallow hard, gazing at him. Then he sensually and ever so slowly moves the bottle from one side of my collarbone to the other, watching the cool champagne with rapt intensity as it trails slowly over my exposed breasts. I watch him watching me, enthralled. A vision of passion personified. My lip quivers with want and I bite it to make it stop. Daniel licks his lips and I gasp, feeling how slowly my skin starts to warm all over, while a deep heat burns under my navel.

Against the coolness of the wine my body heats up. Slowly bending his head toward me while his eyes still bore into my flustered face, Daniel stoops and puts his warm mouth over my tantalized nipples. It's slow, delicious torture as he gently runs his warm tongue over the moist trails of alcohol, adeptly bringing my nerves to a complete frenzy. His tongue descends ever so leisurely down my skin, followed by succulent kisses.

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