Monday, August 18, 2014

Wild Temptation Release Day (Excerpt+Giveaway)



Well, this is awkward.

And I don’t mean nervous-giggle awkward. I mean turn-around-and-run-for-your-fucking-life awkward.

Recognition flashes in his dark eyes when he sees me. Heat flares briefly, too quickly for Clara to notice it, but slowly enough that I know I wasn’t imagining it.

That same heat flushes up my neck and colors my cheeks. Yep. This is going from bad to worse.

“Thanks, Clara. Shut the door on your way out.”



“Sheila knows I shoot alone. Get out and shut the door.” He’s talking to her but his eyes are focused on me.

I lick my lips as Clara makes another halfhearted attempt to argue and he shuts her down once more. I trace his face. His unruly, dark hair is swept to one side, keeping out of his equally dark eyes. His cheekbones are defined and his jaw is strong, angular. And his lips are…curved in amusement at having caught me staring at him.

The slam of the door jolts me back to reality. Kind of. I still have hot-man haze. I mean, crap.

“This is a turn of events I wasn’t expecting.” His accent is crisp and what the hell is it about the British accent?

“Yep.” I fiddle with the belt on the robe. “It’s certainly a surprise.”

It’s not every day that your one-night stand becomes your photographer.

“At least there’ll be no…awkwardness.” He drops his gaze to my hidden body and I swallow. Oh, no. He’s definitely seen my body. And touched it. And licked it.

I shift uncomfortably. Nope. Not even going there. Eyes off the bed please, Olivia.

“Let’s get unnecessary introductions out of the way, shall we?” He steps toward me.

My lips curl into a smile. “It’s not unnecessary if you don’t know the other person’s name.”


Wild Attraction (#0.5) 
Wild Temptation (#1) 

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