Monday, September 8, 2014

Cash's Fight Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)

Whenever I pick up an MC novel I get super excited because I'm a goner for killer alpha men in motorcycle clubs. There is just something about their bossy attitude that gets me every time! I have to admit I have not the read previous novels in Last Rider series BUT I plan on doing it soon! This is the fifth installment and I felt like I could have enjoyed it 10X more if I had a bit of background on the other characters. Either way, this was an entertaining novel with no dullness! I just wanted to keep turning the pages! 

Cash likes women. He likes LOTS of women that are available at his beck and call. He likes picking fights and he usually ends up winning. Cash was something else. I couldn't decide if I liked him or not. Most of the times I would hate him and then he would do something sweet and I would like him! He's such a frustrating character, but most MC heroes are too so I can't complain. 

Rachel is a badass. She's not living the the most ideal situations with the most ideal people but she makes the best out of her situation. She's smart, selfless and loved by her community.

Cash has never noticed Rachel as something other than girl but that hasn't stopped her from fangirling over him. However, one night is all it takes for him to mess up the image she had of him. Throughout this novel, we have to deal with Rachel putting Cash in his place. I LOOOVED this! A woman seriously knows how to handle her man if she can deal with him like Rachel did. 

This book had different things happening at the same time but I think that's what why it was so engaging. If you're a Last Rider fan, then you will love this novel. If you're not  then you need to read the Last Riders series to become one!  




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